Superior Gold Detecting!

High performance MPS technology combined with the versatility of many search coil options make the GPX 5000 a favourite for serious prospectors.


The GPX 5000 sets a high benchmark in gold detecting technology.  Featuring Minelab’s exclusive technologies, Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA), the high performance GPX 5000 is extremely capable of finding more gold than other brand detectors. From sub-gram nuggets to the elusive ‘retirement nugget’ and everything in between, with the GPX 5000, you can find it.

Using unique features, functions and industry leading patented technology ensure the GPX detectors run smooth and quiet in even the most severe ground conditions, whilst still maintaining excellent depth and sensitivity to gold nuggets.

The 8 Timings available on the GPX 5000 change the digital switching and processing of the electronics in the detector. Each Timing has been designed for optimum performance under certain conditions, so it is like having a different detector each time you select a new Timing.

Also great for the specialist relic and jewellery hunter who demands the best, and wants to recover targets deeper than ever before.

Easy for the beginner through to the professional – you can switch on and go with six factory preset Search Modes and automatic functions.



  • MPS, DVT & SETA Technology
  • 8 Timings make the GPX 5000 very versatile. It’s like having 8 detectors in 1. In addition to five of the Timings found on the previous model the GPX 5000 introduces three new Timings: Coin/Relic, Salt/Gold and Fine Gold.
  • Fine Gold Timing gives even more depth and sensitivity than Enhance — bring home more nuggets even from ground thought to be completely worked out!
  • Salt/Gold Timing is great for all nugget sizes in salty ground — outstanding at the beach!
  • Coin/Relic Timing is the deepest ever for benign ground conditions.
  • Improved Enhance Timing for more depth
  • Improved electronics for increased target sensitivity and ground balance performance
  • Six preset Search Modes gives you easy switch on and go detecting. In addition to General and Deep search are: Hi-Mineral, Patch, Hi-Trash and Pinpoint. All six Search Modes can be modified to your personal favourite settings. Menu accessible Search Modes can also be renamed.
  • Increased Rx Gain adjustment allows you more precise sensitivity control for optimum performance.
  • Automatic Ground balance options make it easy to adjust the detector to suit all ground conditions. e.g. (Fixed, Tracking, Tracking speed, Ground Balance Type, Quick-Trac button).
  • Audio adjustments to maximize target signals for your personal hearing ability e.g. (Threshold, Tone, Audio Type, Signal Peak, Response, Target Volume, Volume limit, Stabilizer).
  • Iron Reject adjustable to suit the iron trash level where you are detecting.
  • Motion control, adjustable to match your sweep speed and optimise target responses.
  • Tune (also known as Noise Cancel) – Automatic and Manual options to minimize electrical interference.
  • Backlight so that you can read the LCD menu in any light, allowing you to detect day or night. The back light also has an adjustable timeout to help preserve battery power.
  • Lightweight Li-ion Battery with inbuilt Speaker Booster capability
  • Two coils as standard: 11” Double-D coil plus 15 x 12-inch Monoloop coil giving you added versatility and value.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Russian & Arabic (manual only)


ApplicationGold Prospecting & Deep Relic
TechnologyMPS, DVT & SETA
Frequency/TransmissionBi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
Coil (standard)11” Round Double-D plus 15 x 12-inch Monoloop
Audio Output6.35mm (¼”) headphone/speaker jack
Headphones SuppliedKoss 100 ohm headphones
Visual Display64 x 128 pixels, transflective with white backlight
BacklightYes, with adjustable automatic ‘time-out’
Product ID23149
USB Connectivity-
MemorySetting changes saved automatically and remain until changed or reset. Factory Presets can be restored on start-up.
Depth Indication-
Detect ModesGeneral, Deep, Hi-Mineral, Patch, Hi-Trash & Pinpoint (all user programmable)
DiscriminationIron Reject: range 1 to 10 & Off (All Metal)
TimingsNormal, Sensitive Extra, Enhance, Sharp, Sensitive Smooth, Coin/Relic, Salt/Gold & Fine Gold
Audio ToneVariable Control 1 to 100
Audio TypeQuiet, Normal, Deep & Boost
Ground BalanceAutomatic Ground Balance, Fixed & Tracking: Slow, Medium & Fast. Quick-Trak button
Ground Balance TypeGeneral, Specific & Ground Balance Off
Trash Density-
Sensitivity AdjustRx Gain 1 to 20
Tune/Noise CancelAutomatic & Manual 0 to 255
ThresholdAdjustable turn control
Target Volume AdjustTarget Volume 1 to 20. Volume Limit 1 to 20
BatteryLithium-ion rechargeable battery 68Wh with in-built amplifier for speaker use. Approx. 12 Hours use. Supplied with mains and vehicle charger.
Low Battery AlertAudio alert
Length1100mm (43.3”) / 1300mm (51.2”)
Weight2.4kg (5.3lbs) including 11” coil (excluding battery and accessories). Battery weight 780g (1.7lbs)
Warranty3 years control box & coil


To further enhance the performance of your Minelab detector, an extensive range of accessories are available. These accessories are designed to add to your detectors versatility when you need to adapt to various detecting environments.

Genuine Minelab accessories ranging from cables to coils are designed to deliver optimum performance and as a result are supplied with a global Minelab warranty.

A selection of Minelab accessory coils has also been designed to help you find more gold across a range of environments and ground conditions. Whether you are looking for deep gold in flat open ground, or searching in constricted spaces for fine gold, there is an accessory coil that will optimise your detectors performance.


GPX Series Commander Coils

Use Commander Coils to get the best performance from your GPX – Find more gold of all sizes and at all depths with Minelab specialist Commander accessory coils.

Gold is found in varying soil locations and depths, so gold prospectors need to use a coil that has the maximum sensitivity to specific ground conditions. Whether that’s an 18-inch Monoloop coil for maximum depth or an elliptical coil for restricted spaces – Minelab has created the Commander accessory coil for your performance needs.

All Commander Series coils are water resistant, and may be splashed, washed, used in drizzling rain, or moved through wet grass. They must not be submersed under water.

8-inch Monoloop Commander Coil

Suitable for GPX and older GP and SD series metal detectors. The 8″ Monoloop coil is extremely sensitive to the smallest gold nuggets and is ideal for working around rocks and trees.

Part No. 3011-0072

10 x 5-inch Double-D Commander Coil

The 10 x 5-inch Double-D has very good depth and sensitivity and is very stable in all ground types. Being a Double-D coil it can be used with the Iron Reject and RX cancel features making it a powerful relic coil.

Part No. 3011-0076

11-inch Monoloop Commander Coil

Suitable for GPX and older GP and SD series metal detectors. The 11″ Monoloop coil is very sensitive to small gold nuggets, has impressive depth on larger gold and covers more ground than the 8″ Monoloop.

Part No. 3011-0073

11-inch Double-D Commander Coil

Suitable for GPX and older GP and SD series metal detectors. The 11” Double-D has a great blend of stability, depth and sensitivity and is very stable in all ground types. Being a Double-D coil it can be used with the Iron Reject and RX cancel features making it a great relic coil.

Part No. 3011-0113

15 x 12-inch Monoloop Commander Coil

The 15 x 12-inch Monoloop coil is still quite sensitive to small gold nuggets, has greater depth on larger gold and covers more ground than the 8-inch or 11-inch Monoloop coils

Part No. 3011-0074

15 x 12-inch Double-D Commander Coil

The 15 x 12-inch Double-D achieves greater depth and ground coverage but is not quite as sensitive to very small gold compared to the 11-inch Double-D. Being a Double-D coil it can be used with the Iron Reject and RX cancel features making it a excellent deep seeking relic coil.

Part No. 3011-0078

18-inch Monoloop Commander Coil

The 18″ Monoloop coil is the deepest seeking of all the Commander coils. It is not sensitive to very small gold nuggets, but has great ground coverage and finds very deep gold.

Part No. 3011-0075

18-inch Double-D Commander Coil

The 18″ Double-D acheives greater depth and ground coverage but is less sensitive to small gold compared to the other Double-D coils. Being a Double-D coil it can be used with the Iron Reject and RX cancel features making it an excellent deep seeking relic coil.

Part No. 3011-0079

Commander Coil Skidplates

Keep your Commander accessory coils in top condition for a long and reliable life. We recommend replacing your skidplates before they wear through, so regularly check the condition of your detecting gear.

8-inch Skidplate

Fits 8-inch round coils for Eureka Gold and Commander coils.

Part No. 3011-0228

10 x 5-inch Skidplate

Fits 10 x 5-inch Double-D Commander Coils.

Part No. 3011-0229

11-inch Skidplate

Fits 11-inch Monoloop and Double-D Commander and Goldsearch Coils.

Part No. 3011-0164

15 x 12-inch Skidplate

Fits 15 x 12-inch Monoloop and Double-D Commander coils

Part No. 3011-0176

18-inch Skidplate

Fits 18-inch round Commander coils.

Part No. 3011-0183

Batteries & Chargers

Standard Lithium-Ion Battery – 74 Wh

Part No. 3011-0227

GPX Series standard 74 Wh Li-ion battery.

Small Lithium-Ion Battery – 18.6 Wh

Part No. 3011-0332
(Available in Australia only)GPX Series lightweight 18.6 Wh Li-ion battery. At half the size of the standard battery and 46% of the weight, it’s perfect for shorter detecting sessions of up to 3 hours.

Small Battery and Control Box Pouch Combo

Part No. 3011-0330
(Available in Australia only) This new battery and cover combo will help GPX users gain greater freedom of movement by allowing the detector to be put down without needing to remove a harness or unplug the battery.The cover pouch can be adjusted to fit either the standard GPX Series large battery (3011-0227), or the small GPX Series accessory battery (3011-0332) and is made from tough nylon fabric that will also protect the control box from knocks and scratches.

Car Charger


Part No. 3011-0169

Battery Cable


Part No. 3011-0192

Universal AC Charger Plug Pack


Part No. 3011-0203

Shafts & Shaft Hardware

GPX Series Upper Shaft


Part No. 3011-0182

Lower Shaft, Classic

Suits GPX Series and Eureka Gold detectors.

Part No. 3011-0172

Bow Knuckle & Bungy Kit


Part No. 3011-0145

Handgrip Wear Kit

Fits GPX Series, Eureka Gold, and Excalibur II detectors.

Part No. 3011-0142

GPX Series Handle & Button


Part No. 3011-0216

Armrest Kit

Fits GPX Series and Eureka Gold detectors.

Part No. 3011-0143

Armrest Wear Kit

Fits GPX Series and Eureka Gold detectors.

Part No. 3011-0144

Coil Wear Kit

Compatible with Excalibur II, Eureka Gold and GPX Series Detectors

Part No. 3011-0141

Audio Accessories

Koss Headphones

Part No. 3011-0214

RPG Headphones

Part No. 3011-0181

Detecting Harness & Carry Bag

GPX Series Detecting Harness


Part No. 3011-0202

Detector Carry Bag

Fits all Minelab Detectors

Part No. 3011-0277

What's In The Box

(GPX 5000)
● Control Unit & Shaft – GPX 5000
● 11” DD Commander Coil
● 15” Mono Commander Coil
● Li-ion Battery Pack
● Li-ion Battery Charger Pack
● Koss Wired Headphones
● Pro-Swing 45 Detecting Harness
● Finds and Trash Bag

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